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Lawn Care &
Maintenance in NY

With Frank Marando Landscape, you get a committed partner to taking year-round care of your lawn – spring cleanup, regular grass cutting & lawn maintenance, and fall lawn preservation for upcoming winter months. Your lawn is a living ecosystem, needing the finest fertilization and horticultural management to keep it dynamic and green.

We treat your lawn with the care and attentiveness it deserves. When our service offerings are bundled together into a complete maintenance package, you are guaranteed a healthy and beautiful lawn. These include:

Spring and fall cleanups

Lawn consultations

Sod renovation

Weekly / monthly maintenance



A giant of American landscape design -- Frederick Law Olmsted – took the concepts of English landscape gardening and adapted them to local urban settings. Hundreds of years later, his Central Park is still a beloved urban sanctuary because of the natural elements Olmsted brought into the metropolitan NYC landscape.

At Frank Marando Landscaping, we continue the tradition by applying Olmsted’s principles to current trends in NYC and the Tri-State area, providing garden design for rooftops, backyards, townhouses, and estates. Outdoor spaces transform into refuges of serenity, order, and beauty. Working with the landscaping community of architects, designers, and consultants, we create pleasing landscape designs and functional garden combinations for all size of local spaces.


NYC Green Rooftop

You live in NYC. You have a rooftop. Let’s get you a Marando-designed rooftop garden. We will work with you or your own designers to create the rooftop oasis you’ve always envisioned. You can have that vegetable garden or your own social space or that living wall that’s cropped up all over town.

What’s more, we’ll install each feature and maintain your garden for years to come. You’ll be part of the movement toward a greener environment and increase the value of your property too. Who doesn’t love a garden with a view?


Planters, Pottery
& Urns

Contain it. Planters, pots, urns, and containers can be used to highlight areas of small urban gardens or combined to provide context and order for the largest of landscaped environments. At Frank Marando Landscape, we use planters on decks, along paths, on patios, rooftop gardens, and beyond to brighten a transition or provide scale to a design. We supply and install many types and styles, including fiberglass, stone cast, ceramic, wood, and architectural metal. Knowing the right plant features to utilize with the right container to provide depth to your landscape is what separates us from our competitors.