An ambitious and evolving Campus Transformation Project is dramatically reshaping the NYU Langone Health midtown Manhattan campus.

Problem/Accomplishment Client Was Seeking

One of the Medical Center’s main structures located in the center of the main campus underwent major reconstruction, leaving the exterior grounds in need of landscaping overall. Frank Marando Landscaping was chosen to bring landscaping design to this most urban of projects to create a calm, comfortable and caring environment for staff, patients, and visitors.

Solution/Work Executed By Frank Marando Landscape

Frank Marando Landscape understands the design challenges of maximizing the space and beauty of a commercial property. The NYU Langone project required precise coordination of bringing all materials to the job area located in the center of the hospital. We performed all of the work necessary to install soil and plant materials.

End Result

Our landscaping project was completed in coordination with the newly reconstructed Tisch Hospital becoming fully functional. The creation of a rectangular lawn bordered by evergreen shrubs, flowering plants, and (name of) trees has gone on to become a favorite gathering space for all constituencies of NYU Langone Medical Center. A two-sided graphic fence of a forest with dense foliage coupled with the installed evergreens gives the entire space a feeling of sustainable calm, even in cold weather. All this, in the center of NYC.