NYC Carriage


Real Estate

Carriage Houses were originally built to store wagons, buggies and horses. Today they function as private homes for New Yorkers who have the opportunity to restore them.

Problem / Accomplishment Client was Seeking

Our clients owned a backyard carriage house that had been converted into a private home across from their personal townhouse. Our project included
two elements:
  • 1. Create a separate and private entrance
    for future carriage house residents.
  • 2. Give the carriage house yard space.

Solution / Work Executed by Frank Marando Landscape

Our plan included provisions for the carriage house to have its own walkway and yard that would be enclosed by a privacy fence. We began by excavating and grading the ground to facilitate installing a granite slab walkway. The yard itself was installed with gravel to allow for a low-maintenance and a serene outdoor living space. The privacy for the carriage house was achieved by the installation of a weather-resistant vinyl fence.

End Result

The space surrounding the backyard carriage house was completely transformed by adding a functional walkway leading to a discreet entrance in the newly installed privacy fence. The setting of a peaceful, calming landscape has been created by the granite slab walkway which matches the color scheme of the carriage house and the unobtrusive gravel yard. For incoming occupants of the carriage house with its newly renovated surroundings, home will be a welcome oasis of stillness in a city that never sleeps.