The Turn-A-Round
at Linden Place


Roads & Bridges

Frank Marando Landscaping
works with NYCEDC to revitalize
NYC infrastructure.

Problem / Accomplishment Client was Seeking

One of the missions of the NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is to invest in public infrastructure and neighborhood development projects that make this city a great place to live, work, and do business. Over the years, a severe traffic condition had developed in Whitestone, Queens at the juncture of Linden Place and the Whitestone Expressway. The congestion created by vehicles moving from the Whitestone Expressway’s South service road to the North service road was out of proportion to the current road structure. And, traffic meant for the Expressway was spilling over into the adjacent neighborhoods.
Frank Marando Landscaping was enlisted to create a Turn-a-Round lane that would bypass local street traffic and traffic lights altogether. Additionally, the Turn-a-Round and its surrounds would be landscaped with shade trees and a thick green lawn.

Solution Marando Executed

Marando mobilized on site and built the Turn-a-Round bypass lanes. This was accompanied by the regrading of North and South sides of Whitestone Expressway. Landscaping included planting, ground work, seeding and watering of the lawn.

End Results

The Turn-a-Round at Linden Place has transformed the previously congested area. Traffic moves steadily and at an even pace on and off the Whitestone Expressway. The neighboring streets have no interaction whatsoever with the Turn-A-Round. The newly planted shade trees and the lush grass areas provide a tranquil atmosphere replacing what once was an area with frustrated motorists. Moreover, NYCEDC delivered on its mission to invest in infrastructure and make a contribution to the city’s destination status to be a place to live /work / play.