Robert F. Kennedy


Roads & Bridges
Frank Marando Landscaping is a
TBTA team member devoted to restoring and beautifying the RFK Bridge ramp-ways.
Problem / Accomplishment Client was Seeking
The Triboro Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA) regularly performs renovation work on the RFK Bridge and its surrounding roadways. In the course of recent repair projects, it was necessary to remove existing trees near the FDR North and South rampways. As it has done with other projects, the TBTA hired Frank Marando Landscaping to restore the damaged property. The specific project called for the restoration of any removed trees and disrupted grass areas that surround the FDR North and South rampways.
Solution / Work Executed by Marando
We planted trees, evergreens, and shrubs in restitution for all of the foliage that had to be removed for the renovation and repairs. We also graded the land, installed topsoil, and planted grass seed onto the areas where the turf was damaged or removed.

End Result

We are happy to report that the green lawn surrounds returned as lush as ever and the replacement trees are healthy and flourishing. The RFK Bridge and its adjoining areas by the FDR ramp-ways have been beautified by the grove of flowering trees, evergreens, and shrubs planted by Frank Marando Landscaping. Altogether, the lush lawn with its handsome display of greenery makes for a beautiful view for motorists traveling over the bridge to and from NYC.